Stress and anxiety are rising in this new hybrid workplace and we are finding employees are not always asking for help or support when they need it. A variety of stressors have been accelerating while employees adapt to ‘the new normal’, and it looks like ‘traditional’ business ways of working may have changed for good.

The ‘ALWAYS ON’ nature of working from home has brought into sharp focus domestic and relationship issues and the inability to ‘shut off life and go to the office’ has revealed a host of new mental health concerns. In turn, this has put pressure on leaders and HR teams as businesses try to assist with work-life balance. However, they don’t always know what’s happening in an employee’s personal life and how that’s affecting job performance, emotional wellbeing and decision making. Add to these stressors, challenges such as co-worker conflicts, large workloads and disjointed management or reporting structures and the burden becomes too heavy for many.

Stress, depression and anxiety led to 12.8 million lost working days in the UK before the ‘new normal ‘came to fruition. Employee absence or underperformance can usually be absorbed by a healthy team but nowadays it can easily start a spiral of overwhelm and overload that depletes teams and departments very quickly.

The implications for businesses are stark, and need addressing as businesses continue to adapt and change.  Staff with specialised skills and knowledge gained through high level training can be lost, not temporarily – they may never return once they leave. The impact on competitiveness, productivity and ultimately survival of some businesses can be predicated on this alone. The slow depletion of resources has already started and for every employee that leaves, more come under increased pressure. Perhaps, they don’t leave – yet, but they are negatively affected make no mistake.

A way of relieving mental pressure and reducing stress and anxiety is needed NOW but not only that, a way of staying mentally healthy whatever comes, is now an essential business tool and should be part of every employee wellbeing package.

The team at The Mental Vitamins Academy have the skillsets to offer professionally led employee wellbeing, therapy, motivation and performance coaching. This makes a huge difference to under-pressure staff and the companies they work for. Not a quick fix, instead, we teach staff the latest, contemporary techniques to relieve their stress and anxiety so they are able to keep themselves mentally healthy for life.

A mental resilience inoculation we think of as “Mental Vitamins”.